Jim Hancock is a internationally published photographer / filmmaker with 33 years behind the lenses… Jim comes from a background as a mechanical designer, professionally,  painter and sculptor, as a passion...  until picking up a camera at 33 years ago and found, his artistic medium…. Jim’s talent as a gadget guy combined with a perfectionist “do all mentality”.. He has added to his skills progressively over the years…. Only 6 years into Jims photography career, shooting fashion and fine art photography, his work caught the eye of the publishers of Playboy magazine and he was brought on as photographer for a number of years. This experience fine tuned Jim's, lighting skills and he merged his styles which made for a career as a thriving advertising, fashion, beauty, shooter published in Elle, Vogue, etc.. Jim has shot product, commercial, pinup, portraiture, movie posters, in addition to doing conceptual for entire ad campaigns complete with all graphic design.
Jim shot his first music video in 1994 on 16 mm, he directed shot, and editing, learning as he went…He shot a short about a year later called “Georgina Blumes Nightmare” starring Melissa Mcbride” of Walking Dead fame ..also on 16mm film… Jims still work is very cinematic as a consequence… as luck (and location) would have it, his still career blossomed from Miami and Atlanta… with an occasional music video, or industrial or motion beauty imagery gig along the way… Jim has made it has business to control all aspects of his projects.. a photoshop master jumping on the digital bandwagon in it’s fledgeling beginnings… he studied and continued to excel as an film editor and special effects artist both digital and practical .. Jim’s engineering background has come in handy here and Jim has had a machine shop in his studio… as well as a recording studio.. Jim spends a lot of time, studying and continues to develop new ways to take advantage of the latest tech available.. 6 years ago, Jim decided the time was right to shift his focus toward the "motion" end of things with the coming of large sensor digital motion cameras. Having a collection of partially written scripts and ideas tucked away, the time was right to shoot a “full on feature film”… He stumbled on the story of “The Young Brothers Massacre” and studied and researched the topic and wrote the screenplay “Come On In We’re Dead” “The Young Brothers Massacre”….https://jimhancock.myportfolio.com/come-on-in-were-dead The first filming took 6 and half years on a shoestring budget, Jim, directed, DP’d edited and did special effects, he created the bulk on the computer.….  the trailer can be seen http://www.comeoninweredead.com and the film is available for rent of purchase on Amazon and other streaming platforms, amazing true story, and one like you've never seen ….
The trailer can be seen http://www.comeoninweredead.com and the film is available for rent of purchase here ...  It is an amazing true story, and one like you've never seen …
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